Atlanta United FC is MLS most valuable franchise.

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Atlanta United FC is the most valuable franchise in Major League Soccer in the world.

Football! Don't you just love the numbers, big money valuation and entertainment?


Atlanta United FC is one of 7 clubs out of the 24 teams who made profit last year.
MLS are not as profitable like the EPL, La liga, Ligue 1 etc and seeing that the figures are truning out to be really impressive, it is only safe to say, 'soccer' is beginning to make sense in the US.

The report also stated that, the average value of an MLS side increased by at least 30% from $240million to $330million this year.

According to the ranking, LA Galaxy ranks second with $480million and **Los Angeles FC ranking third with $475million while Toronto FC appeared as the biggest loser with a $19milion loss.

Florentin Pogba, elder brother of Paul Pogba of Manchester United plus his trade with this MLS side.

It is on record that, MLS has outpaced the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL. New strides I dare say.

With technology, music, arts and culture being incubated and into sports, soccer seems to be taking a chunk of the pie and as expected, it will keep dominating the scene as we know it.

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