Fakhri Husaini said goodbye from the U19 national team

in sportstalk •  8 months ago 


Good afternoon all. Garuda Young U19 national team managed to qualify for the U-19 2020 World Cup Final. They qualified after a 1-1 draw with North Korea and topped Group K. and the cold hand of Fakhri Husaini proved that Indonesian children were able to speak at Asian level

The latest news is Fakhri Husaini said goodbye from the U19 national team. Fakhri Husaini claimed to have conveyed messages and impressions to all his players so that they still showed the best results to all Indonesian people.

Moreover, Bagus Kahfi and his friends will compete in the upcoming 2021 U-20 World Cup. Fakhri advised that Garuda Muda not forget to evaluate himself and continue to improve.

Fakhri Husaini excused himself to return to duty at his company. And Fakhri Husaini got a promotion from PT Pupuk Kaltim as manager of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That is, greater responsibility will be borne by the state-owned company

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