My Actifit Report Card: December 27 2019

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Still in the mood of kid brother's introduction, I am in my village.

We went to the market to get items, getting ready for the visit to our bride to be.

We also received some visitors, old friends who came in to see what we are doing. There was plenty cooking, eating and drinking.

The kids are not left out. They played and jumped around the house.

Its so good seeing all my siblings. My elder brother had his 10 years wedding anniversary. There were lots of dancing and serving of food to family members and a few friends that came for that. We also went out for more drinks.

It was a fun-filled day yesterday. Am glad my activity tracker read well.
This was how I spent my day, 26th.

Have a lovely day guys

Daily Activity, Dancing, House Chores, Walking

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Am happy you enjoyed yourself with your family and friend.
I wonder why the activities tracker refused to work in my phone.

I dont know too. Maybe you should re installed