What i wanna do for sports lovers like me?

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Hey Sports community and sports lovers. First of all i would love to congrats all the @sportstalksocial team, for their successful launch of this platform. Secondly, i really appreciate their efforts for running this platform with the hard work and dedication. I also Love the work @sportsmod are doing to eliminate spam content and people who are doing spam.

As a huge lover of sports, i want to start my journey on this platform and i have plan to post twice in a day, One post will be about biography of any player, It could be from football, cricket or any other sports. Hopefully, I would be able to write what people love to read and the second post will be a quiz or you can say, it will be a question quiz, The quiz will consist of 5 question, and i will reward 5 first people who answer correctly and early.

Wish me best of luck.

Love you all.

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Good luck and have fun bro. :)

Thank you