Does Messi Face New Problems in spain?

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According to the account included in the case file, Ritori confirms that the defendants, including Agencia Social Team and its founder, Alejandro Reposio, "offered" him to "help his organization and provide work for it, as well as promises that have not been fulfilled" according to his account.

The Leo Messi Foundation was established in 2007 “out of Lionel's recognition of the need to create new opportunities, to realize the dreams of children around the world”.

At the end of September, a National Court court decided to close the case, arguing that most of the events listed in connection with the accusations did not occur "personally or directly" and "drawn from more than one newspaper story."

The Foundation notes on its website that it is "a not-for-profit organization that works to develop individual initiatives and social solidarity, both in Argentina and the rest of the world."

Spanish National Court Judge Maria Tardon decided Tuesday to summon Federico Retori, one of the alleged collaborators with the Leo Messi Foundation, who accused the player, his father and brother of financial crimes against taxes, fraud and money laundering, to testify.

According to judicial sources, Tardon, who has not yet set a date for the hearing, made the decision at the request of the prosecution, which partially accepted Ritory's appeal, because the plaintiff's statements must be heard before the case is closed.

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