Why Messi is Always Different!!

in sportstalk •  3 months ago 

Barcelona star Lionel Messi entered into a heated debate with Real Mallorca coach Vicente Moreno, during the confrontation of the two teams, on Saturday, in the 16th round of the League match, which ended with Barca winning by 5-2.

Moreno said, in comments highlighted by the Spanish newspaper "Marca": "There are some players who are inside a bubble, and you can not talk to them."

The Mallorca coach added: "He is a different player in some matters, but in other respects he is a person like any other player, and he should be treated like this."

Moreno added: "The referee was telling him that the game was not a violation, but he was seeing it in another way."

Mallorca coach concluded: "There is no need to give this position more importance than that."

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