In 2020 This Persib Is Threatened Without Igbonefo in Asia

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Good morning before lunch everyone in Indonesia in particular, and throughout the world in general, how are you all on this happy day, may we always be healthy and able to carry out activities as usual. Because whatever we do or do to keep our health healthy, and always awake, if we are sick then all activities will be reversed, maybe even the money is useless, so when you are healthy take care of your health. So on this sunny morning I will share with you all about Warnings for Barcelona before against Atleticos. But before I explain further, I fully apologize to all my seniors who have or who have joined this Steemit, and I will also explain a little about In 2020 This Persib Is Threatened Without Igbonefo in Asia.

According to information obtained that Persib Bandung is threatened not reinforced by Victor Igbonefo when appearing at the Asia Challenge 2020 tournament in Malaysia. Igbonefo, who is the new Persib recruit in the transfer window at the start of the 2020 season, has not yet joined the team training session. In fact, the club nicknamed Maung Bandung will leave for Malaysia on Thursday (1/16/2020). The Asia Challenge 2020 Tournament will take place from 18 to 19 January, at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor. Maung Bandung is scheduled to clash with the Selangor FA on Saturday (1/18/2020) and Hanoi FC on Sunday (1/19/2020). Persib physical trainer, Yaya Sunarya, said from the latest news he got about Igbonefo. According to him, Igbonefo was still in Thailand to settle some of his affairs there. Most likely Igbonefo will follow Persib to Malaysia. "information from the coach (Robert Rene Alberts) he asked for more time to settle his affairs in Thailand, he could have immediately followed from Thailand," said Yaya, at Arcamanik Stadium, Bandung, Tuesday (01/14/2020).

"Or it could also be that he did not participate, because he saw his business there. If he finished, if he did not, then it would mean not joining," he continued Yaya could not confirm what matters were being completed by Igbonefo. Asked whether the matter was related to his old team, Yaya did not answer clearly. "Maybe that's one of them," Yaya said curtly. While in the Persib training session at the Arcamanik Stadium on Tuesday (01/14/2020), in addition to Igbonefo, Fabiano Beltrame was also absent. According to Yaya, Fabiano went to Jakarta to arrange a passport. "He (Fabiano) permission to Jakarta because he had to take a passport at the embassy. He returned again this afternoon from Jakarta," he said.


Although there are two players absent, Yaya revealed the team's training session was not interrupted. Because, Persib still has adequate ammunition to practice. "Even with some incomplete players, we try to manipulate everything," Yaya said. "The important thing is that players understand how to defend and understand how to make the transition to attack and then come back to defend," he said.

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