Formula 1, interesting again in 2021?

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New rules

A whole set of new rules have been released to make Formula 1 more competitive starting from the season of 2021.
In the video below you can see the most important changes that were summed up by the Autosport channel on Youtube.

One thing is for sure, the new cars will look awesome, really really awesome. The last years, I always found them uglier and uglier, but this is just mind blowingly beautiful. It's just, how will it all come to play?

Image source: FIA

First of all, the "floor" of the car will become a standard part, which is the same for every car. This together with the air inflows just behind the front wheels, will make the car have much more down force than the current ones. And more importantly, they will produce less "dirty air" behind the car. This way, cars will be able to come way closer to the one in front and take advantage of the drag. A very important change that should encourage overtaking a lot.

Second, the budgets of the teams are capped, so the advantage of the richer teams is slimmed down. Which should make the "poorer" teams more competitable. The cap is especially for the development of the car and maintenance of that. The exceptions are for drivers wages.

Three: the fuel needs to contain at least 20 % biofuel, with an increasing number in the upcoming years.This will make the cars greener and greener... on paper at least.

There also quite big safety updates to decrease debree on the track. This way cars will become heavier, but safer for the drivers. Also the gearbox development will be frozen for 4 years, only one update will be possible in that period.

Many more, but this is very nicely explained in the video below.



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