Playing Championship Manager 01/02 on a rainy day...

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The best game ever made

Championship Manager 01/02 is by far the best manager game ever made. In fact, at this current day it is still played widely accross the world. There is even a whole community based around it, that keeps this game alive. The makers, Eidos Software, have released the download for free now, and the community has made patches and updates, so you can play it with updated squads. The newest update dates from October. So, right now, I am playing with my favourite team, Cercle Brugge. Which is kind of tough, as the money to buy players is not there. But that makes it fun. Trying to force your way up with very little resources, that is like in real life...


This is the website where everything about the game, including the free downloads (perfectly legal!) can be found. It's a great community, where tactics are discussed and of course football in real life too.


Amazing how a game that is almost 19 years old is kept alive and is actually stronger than ever! All manager fans, including the younger ones, that don't know this one, you should give it a try!



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I will check it out. My favorite currently FM15.

Although not as complex as some of the later versions, the gameplay on the Eidos CMs was always so addictive. I remember that match screen so vividly! It's tempting to download it but I know it's gonna be like opening a tube of pringles - once you pop, you can't stop!

Yep, the pringles are being devoured here! 🤦‍♂️😎

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