Racism is just common in Italian sports, and supporters are fine with it!

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Mario Balotelli and Romelu Lukaku

These two players have both been the victim of racism in stadiums this season and have made their complaints. Not in the same way, but that really doesn't matter. Balotelli just kicked a ball into the stands, which is quite a statement, and he had every right to do so! Lukaku said it in an interview that he found the racism in Italy very prominent and that something needed to be done about it.

Mario Balotelli kicks the ball in the stands after racist chants against him in Verona

Good news, one would say, that such prominent world class players demand action against racism. I thought that too, but the truth could not be further away. First of all, the answer by the Inter-ultras to Lukaku: "Romelu is magnificent player, but he shouldn't be offended by the chanting of a minority of the supporters." Huh? Yep, his own hard core supporters defend the behaviour of racist supporters of other clubs, and themselves too. In short, he should just shut up and play football.
Then there is Balotelli, with him it is even worse. The government of the city of Verona is thinking of making a court case against Balotelli, because he brought the city of Verona in bad daylight... Really? Yes, really! And it gets worse, the supporters of his own team, Brescia, wrote an open letter to him. Where in short it is stated, that he shouldn't be offended by the chants, and that it's just normal in Italian football. So, once again the racism is defended.

Lukaku in the Inter shirt

Incredible to read all this, in fact, I find it disgusting, and think the UEFA should really act on this, and force the Italian FA and clubs to act or else they should be sanctioned. We are almost the year 2020, this can not be true for a civilized country in my opinion...



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