Suddenly Thibaut Courtois is "El Muro"...

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You're only as good as the last game you played

This expression is used a lot in football, and it is as wrong as can be. But it is correct when it comes to journalists. They write about football, and all newspapers have to be filled with "content", every single day. So, you better play well, or there is certainly at least one journalist that will write about how bad you really are, and what the coach would better do... At clubs like Real Madrid, every move you make as a player is watched with a microscope. And that is something you have to endure when you play at "Los Blancos". The paycheck is immense, but the pressure is too. Thibaut Courtois now plays his second season at Real, and he was the favourite news item for the "vulture" journalists. Things didn't go wel for Madrid, it was at least 90 % Thibaut Courtois' fault. At least for them.

Newspaper AS from Spain suddenly saw a wall


Suddenly, a 6-0 win over Galatasaray in the UEFA Champions League and some decent wins La Liga and Real are back on track. Now, what does a journalist write about then? Well, apparently, about how good the goalkeeper is. Because he doesn't concede any goals. Say what? Yep, suddenly, that leaking ship, called Thibaut Courtois is "El Muro" for the press. I kid you not. Thibaut Courtois beat the record of Keylor Navas of 518 minutes without conceding a goal. Courtois is now at 533 minutes. But it can become more. Does this mean that suddenly Courtois is better than a month ago? Hell no, it says a lot about the meaninglesness of the newspapers. Courtois was a great goalkeeper, and he still is right now!



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