Today, I will have 4 million Sports staked!

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Not really, I am not a person that wants to brag about how much he has, because, let's be honest, 4 million SPORTS, that is like 500 USD right now, or even less. But I do have some pride in it, because I haven't bought a single token of it. I just have posted, curated and staked. And I will keep doing that for a long while. Because I believe in this platform on Steem, just as I believe in and These platforms have kept Steem afloat while it was sinking. And I truely hope they will also thrive when Steem gets to new waters. Or maybe better, if Steem goes to new waters.

Sportsstalk, my favourite tribe!

Sportstalk is a great platform, that has grown my followers, gained me more interaction, and made me more friends. And that is in my opinion worth more than the 500 USD or the 4 million tokens.

The new burn initiative is good, but I do not thoroughly understand it yet. I guess I will have to try it, to see what it does. But I will.

Don't worry, I wont unstake, just to show my balance! :-)

But especially I want to thank the new "friends" I made, and had some great discussions with, mostly about football or cycling. So thanks, @leedsunited or @nathen007, @fullcoverbetting, @roc75, @intellihandling, @ritxi, @shaungerow ... and I am surely forgetting a lot.

Keep on posting and curating on, because I believe this place has a great future. So also a thanks to @patrickulrich for making this platform.



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Congrats! You’re doing better than I am!

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Congratz with this milestone!


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Great work mate and a pleasure to meet you here! That's what tribes like this should be all about :-)

Indeed, best of luck today with Leeds against QPR!

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Tnx for trendo!

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Congratulation to you, glad to be mentioned :)

Thank you for menthion, i have pleasure too to interact with you...😊

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You’re welcome, by the way, I was in Luxemburg two days ago, very briefly... Got my gas tank filled though! 😎

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Dear @pele23, i am from Poland and i am Dudelange supporter since last year they won against Legia Warsaw, because in Poland football level Is lower than Luxembourg...

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Oh, I thought you were from Luxemburg!
By the way, I am not so sure the level in Luxemburg is higher than in Poland! 😏

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This Is the second year that Poland do not have any team in group stages of Europa League and Luxembourg yes...

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Well done @pele23 . Congratulations.

Well effort to achieve this goal, I really appreciated your this hard & neat working. Well done and go ahead for your next goal. Best wishes all the time my friend @pele23

Congratulations @pele23 and thanks for showing me some love as well.

Wow! I think this is fantastic 👋👋
I guess you are doing a great job, it have!

Woow brother that's really a huge amount and good to hear that all the tokens you have earned even i have around 7lakh tokens but around 5 lakh i have bought and rest i got as rewards even i have full faith in this project and yes the more it goes down ill buy more so that in future there is a lot of tokens ill be holding.

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Excellent results and the fact that you have earned all your tokens through hard work is respectable. Well done, I congratulate you!

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