A Record of Signings

in hive-101690 •  5 months ago  (edited)

To strengthen their squad, football clubs alway trying to find such a quality players. No matter how much their prices are. The most important thing is they could adapt with the club and contribute as much as possible for the clubs.


Chelsea for example, their signing record is 80 million Euro when buying their goalkeeper, Kepa. That amount of money is big enough. I think Chelsea’s record of singings is not so big compared to other clubs like Manchester United or Mancheater City.

However, sometime, a player is overvalued. When he plays, he plays out of club’s expectation. I believe many clubs have ever had such a bad experience.

I think Chelsea now has some most talented young players in their squad. They don’t need to buy expensive players, they just bought Ziyech for about 40 million Euro.

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