Coach Hendri

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Hendri Susilo is the coach of Persiraja Banda Aceh. He managed the team to promote to Indonesia League 1 this season. I am proud of him, he could help Persiraja promote to the highest level of league in Indonesia. Persiraja played in League 2 for 12 year before promoting to league 1.


Coach Hendri is from Bukittingi, a district in West Sumatera province. He is a hardworker. And I am glad to know that Hendri Susilo still being hired as the coach of Persiraja in League 1.

I think management of Persiraja has done something very important to still use Hendri’s service for Persiraja. I believe Coach Hendri may bring Persijara to good position on the table.

I hope coach Hendri could manage Persiraja better than before. He need to buy some players. Three foreign players have already joined Persiraja and have been in Banda Aceh.

Hopefully Coach Hendri could work well and help Persiraja to pursue the dream of League 1 champion. Not easy, indeed. But I am sure, Coach Hendri may do something different.

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