Inconsistent VAR, The Final Decision is by Humans

in sportstalk •  8 months ago 

When watching Liverpool vs Manchester City match, I considered that VAR call is being inconsistent in the Premier League. VAR is disappointing.


The implementation of the technology has put Premier League in a mess. How great a technology that is used in sports, the final decision is still taken by humans. It’s taken by referees. So, it’s useless at all.

The decision taken must be different between one referee and another referee because they are just human being.

Humans are not perfect, and their ability to decide something is different. VAR is a technology, and humans are just humans. We have different head, different sense of view, and different childhood experience.

In my opinion, VAR is not required in Premier League, because the referees are not consistent. It’s better not to use VAR, let everything goes naturally. Then, the game is more entertaining.

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A great topic and I also think that football should be more natural and less programmed, then it will be a real game!

Football was more attractive before VAR implemented

Hello Doctor Friend You always post about the game.

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Hello. This account is only for Sport contents :)