John Stones to Arsenal?

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Is Arteta hijacking Manchester City players? There is a rumor that Coach Arsenal, Mikel Arteta want John Stones play for Arsenal. We know Arteta was former Pep Guardiola’s assistant. For sure he knew Stones well.


I am a bit curious why Arteta wanting Manchester City centre back since he know that Man City is in crisis of defender. Is he trying to make Manchester City weaker?

I think Stones would be happy to join Arsenal since he may play regulerly under coach Arteta. Arsenal need another centre back to strengthen their defending.

We could just wait to know Stones decision to leave or not. Frankly, he is a good player, but sometime he play inconsistently. For sure he needs more minutes to play.

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Inconsistency has always been Stones problem and I hope he gets the move to Arsenal I believe he will gain more game time this would boost his morale and hopefully confidence to perform at the highest level

Right decision by arteta, they really need a strong defender

In every contest, each side wants to go for the best and also wishes his opponents are not as strong as he is. Arteta wants the best for his team and he needs the best ✋.

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I don't think he's trying to make Manchester City Weaker, I think stones is a player be knows very well and thinking his presence in the Arsenal defence will do a lot of good. Stones is a fairly good player

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