Kosovo: It’s lost but happy

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Kosovo was just beaten by England 4-0 in Pristina, the country's capital. Kosovo played very well and managed to defend from England's strikers.


Kosovo is a new country which declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Kosovo's population is only around 1 million people. And they are just starting a life after getting involved in conflict for years.

Kosovo was becaming an independent country after getting assistance from British soldiers. That's why when England players and fans arrived at Pristina, they were warm welcome everywhere in the City. Kosovo supporters welcomed the commotion of the retainer of the England national team.


However, Kosovo is a new born country in Europe and it just granted UEFA membership. Actually, even a small country, Kosovo has a lot of talented players. In fact, a number of Kosovo descendants are top players who play international football for other countries, such as Granit Xhaka, Xherdan Shaqiri and Valon Behrami. They are playing international football for Switzerland.

England hammered Kosovo 4-0. But surprisingly, Kosovo supporters love England. What a beautiful life: it's lost but happy. Kosovans expressed that how they are thankful for what England has done for them in the past.

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This should be the spirit in the game. We should focus in playing well.

It was a sure win for England, still Kosovo played with full enthusiasm till the last minute. I love it

I believe in the future, Kosovo could be more impresive.. :)

Me too sir, i hope every country should give more interest towards the development of sports right from the root level.

May be in future we can see more competitive football tournaments.

Hopefully this new country they will be peaceful and peaceful, not like the past which is always in conflict.

Yes. We hope the country can stand strong. :)

England r really doing it greatly. Im glad having this score. Thanks for the review

You are very welcome :)

It is great to see that they are recovering well from the wars and damage of the past and moving forward. It is too bad that they got beat, but the fact that they can have sporting events and celebrate is good.

Yes. And they thank to England :)

Great review @razackpulo.sport and I congratulate the England team on an amazing victory!

England is the best team. Thanks :)

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