Mentally Tough

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Liverpoool.. come on! Beat Leicester! If The Reds has a victory over Leicester, I am convinced that they would win the Premier League this season. Do you believe it?


I believe it. Since Liverpool will lead 13 points. A lot, isn’t it? It will be half way of season in December. 13 points gap would be so great for Klopp’s side.

Liverpool are mentally tough. They just won Club World Cup over Flamengo. They have already been 34 league games unbeaten. Almost a year they never lost. I hope Liverpool could handle Leicester City at King Power Stadium few hours later.

Liverpool’s players are mentally strong. They are tough, they have a great team work under Jurgen Klopp. I just see that they won’t be lost until the end of the season.

Even Rodgers has a big desire to beat Liverpool. It’s not easy, man. Liverpool is now is like steel, they are strong and unstoppable.

Yeah, I do hope Loverpool just do the best. To win each single game they will play, whoever the opponent is.

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The two are both in dead form but i expect liverpool to also win comparing their form together

Yes. Hopefully Liverpool win the game :)

Why were you even worried 4 nil I see tonight.

Hahaha... Since Leicester play at home. And they are runner-up. Apparently, no jet lag for The Reds

I've not followed English Premiership of late. I've been given into building my local league - Nigerian Professional Football League and hope to bring the teams to steem in 2020.

As for Leicester and Liverpool, the better side will win.

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Yeah, good move brother. I appreciate it :)

Liverpool not only won the match, but with a huge margin of 4 -0 !!!!! The match was tough as expected and even I knew that Liverpool was going to win this at anycost, the only thing which surprised me is the goal difference.

Now now it has been proved that no one can stop Liverpoll to life the title this year. In fact the maiden premier league title !!!!