My Favorite Team, Belgium: Rolling Up Russia 4-1

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Belgium has played an extraordinary game against Russia. As a visiting team, Belgium beat the host 4-1. This result maintains Belgium's 100% record victory during the EURO 2020 qualification. They are unbeaten 9 matches already. After winning over Russia, Belgium nails their position on the top spot of Group I. I am happy with this victory, because I have a close inner bond with this country.

I have indeed visited Belgium few years ago. I stayed in Brussels. I visited Atomium, a famous tourist destination we must visit when in Brussels.


Long before that, I already had an inner bond with Belgium because shortly after Aceh was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in 2004, I volunteered at Medecins Sans Frontieres-Belgium, so called MSF-B. MSF-B is a non-governmental organization that helps a lot of beneficiaries all around the world.

From Banda Aceh City I flight by helico to Lamno, a most affected district in Aceh by earthquake and tsunami. My job with MSF-B was Medical Assistant. My manager, dr. Sophie is Belgian. She is so nice and beautiful woman. I will never forget her. We worked together about 6 months. Unfortunately, I have lost contact with her.

That's why I love Belgium, beside England and Italy. And I love France as well. These four teams are my favorite in Europe. I don't have any idea who will win EURO 2020. The competition must be very tight. But, I believe one of them will lift the trophy of EURO 2020.


I was flattered when Belgium won over Russia. Three goals scored by double Hazards [Thorgan Hazard and Eden Hazard] and another goal by Romelu Lukaku. The only goal for Russia was scored by Dzhikiya.

England-Italy-Belgium-France are my favourite teams. Who is one of them will win EURO next year?

Warm regard,

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I have an online friend that lives in Belgium. It seems like a really cool place and I would very much like to visit there someday. My favorite team did not win this weekend, so I am glad your sports viewing turned out better than mine!

That’s true, I started loving the country when I visited there for the first time. It’s beautiful and peaceful. However, your your country must be more beautiful. I have never been there :)

Such a great place bro,stay happy and safe on your trip. God Bless.

Thanks @bien 😁

Great review, you're right, Belgium is a very beautiful country and I congratulate the Belgian team on another victory!

Belgium is absolutely beautiful country. I love the country and its chocolate 😁

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