The Battle of Giants in Premier League

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Don’t miss it! If you love football, and if you like Premier League, stay tuned and watch live the battle of giants on the weekend: The Reds vs The Blues. The fire is everywhere right now.

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For Man City and Liverpool fans, where ever side of the earth you are, take your time to watch the battle. Enjoy it and pray for your team to win.

Manchester City under Pep Guardiola has become a powerful team. They are very strong and aggressive. They play offensive football, and they have skillful attackers and playmakers. But in my opinion, Man City is weak in defending. I believe Guardiola is very worried about their defense since Laporte got injured.

He tried to play Fernandinho at centre back. Frankly I was surprise that Fernandinho is able to play well at his new position. As long as I know, he was playing at Attacking Midfielder with Shakhtar Donetsk before he was signed by Man City.

After being Manchester City team member, he play as defensive midfielder and he play a key role at that position until Rodri came to replace him. But now he play well as centre back. What a great player he is.

In the upcoming battle, Fernandinho will face to face with Mohammed Salah, Firmino, or Sadio Mane. These three players are absolutely creative, skillful and strong.

However, Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp has become strongest team in Premier League. This season, they are still unbeaten. Will Man City do it, to beat The Reds?

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Let's hope for a good game. Sometimes these big fixtures can be a bit cagey because both sides are more concerned with not losing than they are with trying to win - an early goal would really help in that respect.

Fernandinho can be an effective centre-back when Man City are bossing possession but I'm not sure that he's really the solution to problem when playing against high quality opposition.

Hopefully the game is great. I do agree, since Fernandinho has low speed. I am sure, it’s difficult to predict which is the winner of the game. We hope they play attractive football

Personally I don't want Liverpool uneaten run to be ended by Man city because I feel man city wining this tie could bring about some u-turn in the team that is probably going to win the premiership and I don't want man city to be the winner. Has a Chelsea fan I wish Liverpool well and with my love for their coach klopp, I feel this year should be Liverpools year of talking the most prized tittle in English football home..