An Interesting Sport-Water Volleyball/一项具有趣味性的运动——水中排球运动

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With the continuous development of society, more and more sports begin to appear in people's eyes. The most well-known football, tennis and basketball are appearing in the world's major competitions.

In fact, sports can be carried out in many different ways, such as today's volleyball, in addition to hitting on the flat ground, can also be carried out in water.

Water volleyball is one of the most popular sports for young people except for beach exclusion. Water volleyball is strictly a combination of volleyball and swimming. If you want to play this sport, you need to know how to swim first, which is one of the prerequisites.

Volleyball is different from football and basketball. Volleyball is simple and free, suitable for all ages, and the ball is relatively light. When it's on the flat ground, people can play in teams or singles freely.

Water volleyball is usually chosen as a swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor swimming pool can be carried out, most of the water volleyball venues will be chosen outdoors. Water volleyball is more technical and technical than flat volleyball. Facing the buoyancy and pressure of water, enthusiasts need to be agile enough to serve and receive the ball.

Facing the buoyancy and pressure of water, enthusiasts need to be agile enough to serve and receive the ball.

The most popular time for water volleyball is summer, when the weather is hot and most people choose swimming pools. Water volleyball is undoubtedly the best choice in order to achieve the cooling effect of fitness and entertainment.

When water volleyball is played, it will be divided into two teams, and then there will be a fence in the middle as a dividing line. The rules of volleyball are the same as those of Volleyball in peace, but water volleyball is more interesting, newer and more acceptable to modern young people.

Volleyball in water can exercise the heart and lungs function and agility of the human body, and also improve their own technical. This is volleyball, an interesting sport in water.

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