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in spt •  6 months ago 

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Screeching Vulture is one of the good cards that was recently introduced in the game. Ever since it was introduced, it's been decorating my Earth deck very well. I have been using the card regularly during my Earth battles. Recently I was thinking that I should be upgrading this card for better results. As the card is very cheap in the market, I was initially thinking of purchasing the card from the market and upgrading it.


But, after the season rewards, when I checked my deck, I noticed that there were enough cards in my deck to upgrade it to Level 4. I then upgraded the card to level 4. After upgrading the card, I was still thinking that it is worth to upgrade the card to level 5 because the price per card was just 0.03$ and I already had around 10,000 DEC in my account to spend on card upgrades.


I quickly went to monstermarket.io and purchased 9 more cards to make my Screeching Vulture card level 5. I'm not sure when I will be using this card again, but I did think that it was a good investment to have my Earth card upgraded. For using Monstermarket, I even got a cashback.


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