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Yesterday the season rewards arrived. I did not get enough time yesterday to claim the season rewards but today I did spend some time to claim the rewards and take a look at my deck. As usual, the excitement was there before opening the cards. But I did not have any great excitement in opening the cards. It's like our fortune cookie. No one knows what we will be getting, we will just have to be fortunate enough to get better cards in the season rewards.

First of all, I have to say that the previous season went very well. I was able to complete the quests with ease and I also had winning streaks in the previous season which helped me climb up the ladder and reach Gold I league last time as well. I was also able to sustain in Gold I league to complete 2 daily quests as well and get the rewards.


As I said, the rewards were also good. Though I did not get any legendary card from the quest reward, other cards were really good. Well, I can categorize the cards based on the below:

Normal - 24
Epic - 3
Rare - 2
Legendary - 0
Gold Foil - 1

This is not really a bad stats for the season rewards. But I guess the system was very generous in giving me the Silvershield Archers. I got 7 cards which is what I feel as not good because I don't even use those cards and the value of the card is also not very great. Fire spitter is a great card. If I use my dragon splinter, I guess it will be a great addition to my deck.

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