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The season end is finally here and I'm glad to open the season end rewards. Before showcasing my season rewards, I have to talk a little bit about how difficult it was for me to complete daily quests in the previous season. I have to say that I did not do all the daily quests without skipping any. If I had done that, I would have easily reached the Gold II league at least before the season end. Usually, that happens towards the end of the season where I progress well to higher leagues. But this time, in spite of trying hard, it was difficult to attain higher league.


Every season, I have been purchasing some cards from the market to upgrade some of my splinters. I mostly spend my DEC for purchasing cards and I'm going to continue doing that in the coming seasons as well. Purchasing cards and upgrading my deck is going to be very important for me to progress in the game. That applies to all the players I guess. With the new cards emerging in the market, the strategy can get a little tough if we don't have the right cards at the right levels.


Above are the reward cards that I received from the season end. Some of these cards are interesting for me because there were a few rare cards and one gold foil card as well in the rewards. There was also one epic card in the reward. Though there was no legendary card or screen shake experience while opening the card this time, I'm satisfied with the card I have received.


I did complete the daily quest as well and received the above cards as quest rewards. I'm happy that here again, I was able to get an epic card. Though there were only two cards from the daily rewards, I guess I'm happy because both the cards were of high grade. At least they were not just a common card. I'm going to combine some of the cards and upgrade the cards.

I'm hoping to see a bright season this time. I'm planning to not waste any of the daily quests and try to progress as much as possible. Because in the coming 15 days, I don't foresee any critical things that can keep me away from Splinterlands. Let's hope for the best.

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