Contest Kings Splinterlands Guild!

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Hey Everyone,

I understand at present people have started to join guilds etc since the update on Splinterlands.

Rest assured Contest Kings has a plan and will put this into action in the next 72 hours.

I want to wait for the devs to finish the integration on the site and then map out our guild structure after looking over everything.

I would recommend setting aside a minimum of 10,000 DEC for now as this will be the minimum needed to join as we build up to max level.

Your seat in the guild will be a digital asset just like your deck so planning this correct from the start lays a solid foundation.

If you have a question pop over to our Discord or add a comment below and we will get back to you.

Thanks for your patience as we get this finalised for the community.

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I am waiting and ready to go thanks guys for all you to support the game.

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Fun fun fun!

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so hyped! :)

Bring it onnnnn! 😎

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