Splinterlands - Dragon Quest Brings A Leg

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Hey Splinterlands Fellas,

Dragon quest is super easy to play where you don't need to focus only on one splinter. You can play any of the team with dragon summoner. I don't own any of the dragon summoners which is too expensive for me. I also not accumulated Daria -reward dragon summoner because I was too late joining SM when this cute lady was about to full print. So, I missed the golden chance. Well, someone has delegated LVL 3, Daria, to me a few weeks ago which I'm using only when I had to win 5 ranked battles using dragon summoner.

See what I claimed today..

1 Leg, 1 Epic, 2 Regular Rare, 3 Common


Whoa!! A legendary card after a long time that I claimed today. This season was a little better for me I dunno how the end season reward will treat me. xD Though I was expecting The Kraken legendary which is super useful for the Water splinter. I would love to claim that card again and again if I get a chance.

Well, I just bought 2 BCX The Kraken at $2.10 rate each which I combined with already 1 BCX. Now I have lvl 2 which I will prefer to upgrade soon to lvl 3. Then my water team will be beast, no doubt. :P

See ya till then..

~ Adios


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