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Hey Splinterlands Fellas,

I'm trying to keep updating my blog daily about what I'm doing these days on #Splinterlands. I'm going to share what my luck brings in my account. My luck shined very rarely and now I'm habitual of getting such rewards.

I played my deck yesterday a lot and earned 1k DEC that is more than average I earn usually. Farming DEC with Beta deck is almost impossible in normal days as you always get low amount of DEC as compared to other decks. I am not in the mood to upgrade my deck anymore. Firstly, I'll try to gain what I invested so that I can return the loan which I took from my sister. That's a real burden on my shoulder these days.

This is what I claimed this morning..

1 Rare Boogyman along with all commons


Nothing new in this reward as usual. Well, I may get better the next day or the next season. Just need to focus farming DEC by playing but the rate of DEC is really doomed atm which is painful for those who put hard-earned STEEM into this game but ROI is very little. May these days over soon..

I really like this Boogyman which comes under the Death deck. I badly need to upgrade this card at LVL 5 so I can see how the RUST ability worked out by using. It can be used in the reverse speed and monsters losing all abilities ruleset.

See ya till then..

~ Adios


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I like that one as well, and I’m right there with ya! Been trying to level up as many cards as I can while everything seems cheap.




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