Update Steem Tron & Sbd prices today

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As always, if there is a chance I always share the latest prices about some cryptos that we crave, and hope that prices always go up from day to day.

As I saw in the crypto market, activities there are still as normal. But even so the price of these 3 tokens jumped from time to time, but vice versa.


Today's Steem price reached a maximum of 0.00002200 Btc and lowest at 0.00002125 Btc


  • Tron

Today's Tron price reaches a maximum of 0.00000197 Btc and lowest at 0.00000193 Btc


  • SBD

Today's SBD price reaches a maximum of 0.00012404 Btc and lowest at 0.00010705 Btc


Although the graph is up and down, this is very useful for traders, they can sell their crypto at will.

Thank you to all of you.

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Thanks for this information.