Why Am I Still Here?

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This week a steemian who cares deeply about the Steemit blockchain community, @theycallmedan, invites us to share our views on our commitment, why am i still here ?. I myself am new to this community, joined in July 2018 when Steemit was past its heyday. But even though many friends who invited me to join Steemit were no longer active, I still believed and survived here. Why?

Out there, I have a decent job and a job that I really love. But here I found a passion. Almost every time I check my Steemit account, read Steemians posts and also play Steem Monsters. I have never been bored with this. When I'm tired or sick, and without the power to create a post, I still miss it. I always remember Steemit.

Maybe that's what makes me always excited and survive here, when my friends who have won the results here have left, I still survive. Although in my heart I hope that the Steem price will return above $1, but even if that isn't achieved, I'm still here. Enjoy the passion to continue writing.

One more thing I still survive here even though I saw many Steemians who resigned. I still believe in this project, this is a community that cannot be separated from my life. Other people can't pull out my pleasure here like he pulls grass in his yard.

I will definitely stay here to see Steemit grow again. See people returning to passion with this community. Because I saw that passion two years ago, when my friends always talked and promoted Steemit to other friends, including me.

So, I still here because this is my passion.

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