Denmark is on Lockdown

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Yesterday late evening the Prime minister of Denmark - Mette Frederiksen, issued a "Lockdown" in Denmark where only necessary jobs in Denmark is continued, during to the COVID-19, anyone who doesn't have a necessary job and works within the goverment, they either have to work from home or is on a forced pay leave for at least 2 weeks.
Anyone who doesn't have necessary job and work for private sector is recommended to stay home aswell or use some vacation days, but they cant force shops to close (yet)

The crazy thing is that we dont even have that many with confirmed COVID-19 and zero death, but I guess the goverment wanna continue to have it that way hehe.

So what about me?
Apperently I have a necessary job, so I am not off.
I work in retail (7-11), but in Denmark there are a few different kind of 7-11, I work in 7-11 DSB.
Dsb is the train company in Denmark, so they have to operate and since I work for a combined thingy I have to work aswell, because we do issue out tickets for people and that is a necessary job I get it.

And I am not really scared, I am 28 years old, with a healthly vegan diet and I workout. So I am good.

But its still crazy to see your country on lockdown xD

We are the second country in the world to be on lockdown in an attempt to control COVID-19

Happy steeming tho! :D

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