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It's not my intention to make simple post, but since I've been asked how to take Steem out from other tokens, which totally related to my previous post here in managing tokens. So, dude, I think many still haven't even really login to their steem-engine to check things out. Since @veenag asked about picture elaboration, seriously I hope he doesn't miss this post.

  1. Proceed to https://steem-engine.com, blick on the drop down menu and press sign in.
  2. Once you're at the login screen, do not get confused. If you do not have a KEYCHAI, do not put in your username at the keychain column like below screenshot.
  3. Do this instead, key in your credential at the bottom.
  4. Upon successful login, do the drop down menu again, and from here you can see the user ID has a highlighted notice, 7 meaning I received 7 type of tokens awaiting to be collected. Once again,if you have to claim those token one by one, you'll be so pissed everyday sitting there to do all the calculation. Please refer to the this post to learn more about managing tokens.
  5. Select Wallet from the drop down menu, and you'll be able to see all kinds of tokens don't know from which planet they fell into this pit. Now, all you need to know is, medium of transfer in steem-engine is STEEMP. It's supposed to pegged with #steem. Which means, if you have token, you'll have to sell your token for STEEMP, before you can withdraw these STEEMP from your steem-engine wallet, and be able to send it back to your steem wallet before you'll be able to send to other exchange. In short, inside STEEM-ENGINE doesn't use steem, but use STEEMP instead.
  6. To the right side is 4 different icon, each of these icon has different function. Information, Trade, Send, and History. In order to sell or buy manually, you'll need to use the Trade function. We're not going to cover that part. This is for your information.
  7. Refer to the top color shading area you'll see your overall wallet estimated value, which include all unstake tokens value. Remember, you can't withdraw tokens to your STEEM wallet, you can only withdraw STEEMP back to your STEEM wallet. You can deposit STEEMP from your STEEM wallet as well. In this case, we will do a test withdrawal. Press the WITHDRAW button.
  8. A pop up window will appear. Do read the terms and condition on the window and understand there's a 1% transaction fee be charged. We will be trying to withdraw 1STEEMP back to our #steem wallet. Estimated receive value should be 0.990steem as per system agreement. Press WITHDRAW STEEM.
  9. You'll be redirected to STEEMCONNECT to execute the transaction.
    Once transaction completed, you'll be able to find your transaction from the sidechain hash browser. You may click on the transaction number to find out further detail.
    Close the STEEMCONNECT window and you'll be prompt to with the previous popped up window, click on TRANSACTION SENT.
  10. Head over to your browser, and check it from your steemit wallet https://steemitwallet.com/@username/transfers replace username as your username and you'll be able to see your recent transaction here. And there's my 0.990STEEM

Well, that will be all for this time. I hope this little picture guide able to help you in withdrawing your STEEMP back to your STEEM wallet.

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It's definitely important to keep tabs on your Steem-Engine tokens. I utilized the clean up tool you talked about that @ericet created. I tried it yesterday and ended up with a couple of Steem!
I appreciate your guides/help posts. I'm always learning new tricks and tools from your blog. Thanks @davidke20.

Glad you like the clean up tool :D

Cheers buddy 😜

Thank you for this post. I've been on here for years and did not know how to do this. I think we need more mini tutorials like this. voted and resteemed

OK. Looks like we do need, I will spend some time to make it a series. Thank you for the resteem.

well done brother !!! kam siahh... any question i pm u ohh :)

kaw dim liao!!! thks to u !!!

Bagus !shop



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