Our Fund will look at all possible angles, and advantages - AND CONTINUE TO POWER UP STEEM

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Now the news that is no news around the blockchain is that steemit inc has been sold. Tomorrow @ecoinstant will tweet all day about what is happening, including in the witness forum afterward.

In this post I will take a moment to lay out some of the Fund's principles going into tomorrow.

Dual chain possibilities are endless. Each set of infrastructure will be able to do certain things. Bridges can be made. Piplelines and tolls and oracles.....the opportunities to write code are as endless as the imagination.


Ironically, some of the most interesting discussions might be in the leverage over the name STEEM itself. Some claim that steemit inc has trademarked steem. Either way, the exchanges have heretofore talked to Steemit Inc, and will then just list the Tron Token. oh no?

No. Because STEEMP. We already have an out. Through pegged bitcoin, litecoin, doge or eos. Those markets are far from robust now, but watch what happens.

In fact, the Fund is hoping for an Airdrop. We have many ideas of ways to utilize dual chain solutions with Automagical Services, and especially with access to the development accelerator, there are many opportunities to benefit the Fund.

Steemit Inc and Tron want to compete with VOICE for the 'decentralized social media'.

WE say - LET THEM.

More power to you, my blessings, I will watch and even be helpful. Let's let this blockchain free from the 'blogchain'!!! Each SP holder can put what they want in their blocks - customjson or otherwise. Take the social competition to TRX marketeering division.

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There will always be opportunities and possibilities and we just need to find them. Everyone needs to remain positive as we actually have smart people here who can out think and out smart the best of them.

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I love your attitudes here. I wonder if Tron is just trying to use the Steemit team to avoid building their own social media DAPP from scratch. They'll airdrop and expect a large influx of new users. It's probably like the GOLOS airdrop/fork that happened before I joined. Eagerly waiting for more tokens :)

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