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The price of Steem has been kind of static these last few days, I have seen big changes in some coins but Steem has been hovering around $0.19 for a few days now. I know that to have a coin pump you have to have movement in the market and I don't see why Steem should have that much right now.

But I am talking about now, I see a rise in prices in about a couple of months once the power downs of the people who moved to Hive have finished. Then I think we shall see some more movement around here and I expect the price to really pump.

I wish it would pump sooner, I have some liquid Steem on an exchange and I need to sell it but for it to be worthwhile Steem will have to go up to at least $0.45. Do I think this will happen soon? Well, we have a lock down, we have all eyes set on the Bitcoin halving, we have a worldwide economy in free fall so no, I think it won't pump this month. But if the lockdown ends and things starting running again I think Steem will be one of the most likely coins to pump.

So I will just wait until June. And don't take this as advise, I am not known for being good at predicting, I might hit a few every now and then.

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Yeah the dump for HIVE has to be putting downward pressure on the price. It is pleasantly surprising that it has held up to it. Another 10 weeks or so and the exodus should be completed.

You know, in that space is a game of patience. ;)