Looking for interesting authors to curate.

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I am looking for people who have amazing posts but do not get the support from other manual curators or at least dont get them 60% times.

So i look for people who do cool stuff and do not get noticed or get noticed but rarely.


The topics im interested:

  • food
  • photography
  • drawing
  • movie/series reviews (very interested in this!)
  • music

Languages accepted:

  • english
  • french
  • german
  • chinese

Share your latest post in the comments. I will vote max 1 post a day. Posts with ie 1 photography of yours are fine I do not need to read a wall of text, yet needs to be original. I have always hated on people making 1 page of text which could be put in one line and i go by this rule every time i post stuff since 2013. Hence i don't need the story of your life attached to the picture.

I will not say who i chose, i will just sometimes vote or not. I will check all entrances though.

You can share your friends and you can share yourself. I have no problems with self-promotion.

Why not other topics? Because i have enough of other people to vote on yet I feel i don't have enough in these topics. Especially that my friends who been here and posted about those... quit or disappeared.


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checking all not replying ot everyone but dont worry just too much writing

Wow! You can understand 4 languages. I can only speak understand English and Malay. Upvoted!

i can speak a bit of russian also but cant read/write

I'll give it a shot, hopefully you like my amateur work. Thanks for the look...

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Farming is a very technical knowledge application task but most people so not know this, Many people think its off work or dirty jobs for the poor whiçh I believe it a wrong perceptive of thinking. Thanks for voicing out to help others as well. Thanks again sir

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I am a hobby photographer and traveler, but I also love to write restaurant reviews. Have a look at my latest post.


@kingscrown, Kindly find my below piece for your reference.


Keep up with this Initiative and i want to appreciate this Content Boosting effort.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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No farming? Lol 😀 poor farmers 😭😭😭

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farmers are never poor as they have free food ;)

Hahahaha. That's what so many people believe even from old. We need more assistance as well. Thanks.

I am not sure if you into cannabis strain Reviews at all? I do them a reg and would love to get some extra support.

I also started a sub-community to weedcash for the reviews https://steempeak.com/c/hive-182996/created

My bad if this was not really what you wanted

i dont see why not;)

Sweet, glad to have you following

@kingsmind, @sock, @bigdaddy

oh, you already "curate" these ones....

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You’re welcome to curate my photography (amateur) which in my opinion could deserve better votes... I try my best, but sometimes gets lost in the oblivion of this blockchain

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This isn’t specifically mentioned in your criteria for entry but it’s entertainment/gaming based and catered to the #Splinterlands community, which is a considerable user base in the Steem ecosystem.

This is actually the best looking post I’ve ever put up and it’s not getting the attention I had hoped for. Maybe you’ll find it worthy for consideration. 😁