Looking for interesting authors to curate/vote up

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After talking to some people i have decided to curate a bit more authors, especially that since im here almost 4 years, most of the ones i used to follow or find the content interesting.. simply stopped posting or quit or went into curation the only mode.

So i don't have enough things to read that like nowhere nor to vote on.

If you think you do interesting content or know someone doing so please write in comments.


Niches/topics I'm interested in:

  • cryptocurrency (but not daily news)
  • photography (but NOT nature, humans, food, cities)
  • art ie drawings or paintings
  • reviews of various things (hardware,movies,restaurants,hotels)

Accounts Eligible

  • reputation minimum 55
  • 1 post a day (if i follow many of you i cannot read 5 posts per person)
  • not being auto curated/curated a lot by other groups


Like my stuff and Want to be my fan ?

If you also like my content and dont wanna miss it you can auto curate me ie using @steemauto - https://steemauto.com/dash.php?i=15&id=2&user=kingscrown by signing up there. The platform has many cool functions. I actually logged in there first time and got surprised that im listed there - thanks ;)


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Vote for users with quality content and null as beneficiary.

You might enjoy my content, @LionSuit :-)

And I'm sure I'm missing a few, but here are some people I get a kick out of following:
@adriansky cool photos, @ashtv cool video stuff, @vimukthi fun all around, @doze cool art, @elenasteem cool art, @ammonite AMAZING ice and sand sculptor, @socky dig his "ask a car guy" posts, @eco-alex neat sustainability topics, @gooddream fun all around, @distantsignal movie and video stuff, @eyedrip cool art.

Hopefully I didn't mislabel anyone, and as mentioned, I surely missed a few, but maybe this helps.
Be well,

Thanks for the mention . Lots more content to come.

Sure thing! Be well.

Thanks for the mention!

Sure thing. Be well.

Thanks for mention me :)

No problem. Be well.

Hello Kingscrown. I am currently trying to set up a Steemit portal for other new light artists with some other internationally famous light painters. "Lightpainter United" We are already a handful of quality curators and we are already doing a lot of advertising. Unfortunately, the inhibition threshold into the crypto world is still very high, so we try to teach other artists wherever we can, but the clock only spins slowly. Now we want to make our portal as attractive as possible. We want to select "Photos of the day", regular "contests" etc. I know something about steemit, but I can definitely use support. I'm very grateful for tips and tricks on how to make a community platform more attractive. Thank U! Love, Light & Unity https://steemit.com/@lightpaintershub

some interesting authors: @yanes94 @gooze @estefania3 @lakrearte @yonilkar @draconel @eddiespino I'm talking about blockchain-based platforms, social media @the01crow

I'm all about original content, producing art and pushing it on the Steem blockchain. Would be sweet if you had a look.

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Check out my community OnChainArt for curating art peeps. Specifically might check out @rootdraws. Is pretty brand new, posts daily, interesting content.

Thanks for using you reputation and account to support good authors.

I mainly share photography. Thanks for considering!

Digital Artworks And Creative Photo-manipulation with Tutorial I post here. You may find them interesting.

thanks for all @kingscrown

Check out @prostosun....

My father in law @ffcrossculture is a very good photographer. You can check out his stuff and see if you like it

Here I am...just followed you now

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Please check out my blog. @mawit07. I am now a big fan of steemmonsters/splinterlands. Any support greatly appreciated! Thank you.

I know many authors but they make multiple posts in a day. I found this post nice so sharing here if you like. This is restaurant review. Thanks


Well, I have to shill myself here. I think I make great content, of course (it's my own), but come give my blog a look and decide for yourself.

I'm still "new" to this platform, so I haven't gained much traction, especially in regards to followers. I get plenty of upvotes and my reputation is good, but my follower count is sorely lacking.

Here's one of my latest posts that I've put a lot of time/effort into, that I feel is undervalued and overlooked. It is related to the current events with the U.S. and Iran.


Thanks for taking your time to look me up!


I do a lot of psychology posts, they're generaly beautiful and stunning I also make dtube videos, I do Sports review, Analysis and profiling all In a content. So also I write poetry which revolves around art a bit really. I'll be grateful for your support.

I know @horpey who's very good in different aspects of the required contents above. You don't mention sport up there but I think @dfacademy is a charitable football academy and a cool place if you consider sports and blockchain.

I started to write posts recently. I think I will write more because videos are not that watchable in steem. I think people here like more to read. Also check the community I'm building @dcooperation , I hope you'll help me to build it a bit. I need some support there !

not asking for curation or upvote, but want to put your eyeballs on this as a fellow privacy advocate :)

Nice to see a shift. You can always check my stuff. My content is mainly about Steem

Please consider checking my profile;
I write interesting and engaging Dapp reviews, movie reviews, motivational content, ideas, and promotional activity on Twitter.
All my curation/upvotes are organic and people genuinely enjoy visiting my blog.

I don't know what you are for but I think some who @doitvoluntarily may worth checking out.

Checkout @sidekickmatt he does a couple of different comic strips

I have a question, if I upload an idea of ​​an invention, does Steemit protect me and my idea? If that is the case, I can upload some of my ideas or their progress.

I don't think Steemit will protect you, no. But, uploading the idea here on the Blockchain could provide proof that it is/was your original idea.

Perhaps sharing in a Cause Group with a Real Time Democrity governance platform might help too.

If you are interested in serious photography, that is what I do.
And not your usual digital in-your-face-stuff; I write a lot about my travels in my big blue bus and show gallery-quality and hand printed filmphotography in colour.

I appreciate your thought. It really takes some efforts to find a good post on steemit to read now. I'm no exception to it. I too have quit writing these days. It just isn't motivating enough to take 6 hours to write a good enough post. I will follow your posts to see any interesting authors.

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Hi @kingscrown. Perhaps you might be interested in my content. I in-courage you to dive in deeply :-)
Here is an example: Anonymity in Matrix-8

Peace and Love

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