My Interview with McAfee is Live - STEEM Question Asked

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I have been doing some changes on the website so it took more time than I've expected but its finally live.
If you are here or follow me on you know i do those unique interviews with people, run a newsletter with unique tricks and write occasional blog posts. Yet on Steemit im posting 24/7, unlike my site.

If you are not aware of the guy (which i doubt) more info

So lets get into it.


Kingscrown: What do you think about decentralized block-platforms and social media like Steemit or other competitors. Do you also think this is something important in the crypto-space of censorship?

John McAfee: Absolutely! I mean if you look at things like censorship on Facebook, or what have you, or YouTube, centralized control of your content, that doesn’t sit well with me. Although it’s all we have now, in mass form at least. So any project that takes away the censorship function… The Veto power is the most powerful of all veto, it’s what the president has. Congress can spend an entire year on a legislation that was voted unanimously and then the president can say: “Well, no, no.” That’s what censorship is. We can not live with that.

If you want to read whole text where we speak of others things like decentralized exchanges, bitcoin, Libra.. go here -

In some time i will also do audio version or video-cut version, for now i just put first question as a video on how he got into Bitcoin.

Consider to subscribe to the blog to get my fresh info (i mail max 2 times a month + you get a cool ebook that people liked so far) - just released v1.4 of it, as the ebook gets updates every few months to keep it updated.

Also theres plenty more interviews with CEOs of exchanges and known services.

Thanks for reading!


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You did a great job 'catching' John. And awesome interview. :)

you had some part in this too ;)

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Why do you have to make everything look so scammy?

This post shows nothing of the interview beside linking to your FUK io, Book selling website. Website that's not even linking back to any Steem interface.

BTW I don't know of anyone that wouldn't associate FUK for something else than retard-speak for FUCK, So I with you a lot of luk with your publishing brand.

i know the domain is funny but thats also how i thought ill run it - in a funny way. it doesnt look good on first sigh but it stands out from the crowd of sites that have similar names all saying "crypto" or "bitcoin" etc in the name.

i thought many times of changing the name but it has its advantages.
also a good explanation of the name is here -

I dont see any problems with your website.
But why isn't their anything about Steem under Crypto? :C
I viewed it on mobile

thanks man! i also have fans of the name :)

Agreed, over-rewarded for an embed of a 20 second teaser video promoting a website. Fly by voters are assuming he posted the whole thing here.

Great interview! the man is a legendary mind, and you asked some great questions. thank you!

upvoted resteemed and comment

thanks man!

@tipu curate


My only question is , is he ready to eat his own dick.

haha that i dont know

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