STEEM Contest Concluded - Check Winners and Enter Still Open Things

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The original contest was here - you could win a 50% share of payouts from the contest earnings. Sadly @traf @trafalgar @randrop wanted people to earn less and flagged this with big power. Ending just 17 liquid STEEM to be shared.

As i said i want to share minimum 10 so despite the amount doesnt meet criteria i have decided to spared most of the post rewards to users.

Top winner with 10 STEEM
Second place with 5 STEEM.
Third place with 2 STEEM.

Hope you dont mind me breaking rules this way and giving more than i should? I want the year to start good for everyone on Steemit so i keep sending those rewards daily now.

So the places are:

100% users who entered won. You have some open contests on the end of post, go for it ;)

I assume doing actions like this around xmas/new years eve is not the best to get loads of people but at last those who enter win almost all the time.
So in the end its not bad for those who are home ;)

Current STEEM price.

contest still running that did not fulfill places yet:

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You can still join TavernGames chest giveaway contest and win chests worth 640 steem!

Hi there @kingscrown. Below is your outgoing votes for the last 7 days. In addition to all the comment farming on the sixth day.

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 10.11.49 AM.png

I am not related to ocdb or trafalgar or any others. I am just an individual. You have nothing to retaliate against me. So please do not try.

I like for you to please stop self-voting down to perhaps below 10% for start, and please stop comment farming, and farming reward pool in general.

Thanks for understanding.

Get below 10%? For a good laugh, take a close look at the top 4 voted accounts, check the witness proxy and incoming vote patterns.


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acidyo yeah i doubt theres someone dumber than azircon, what a fool

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acidyo, yes man if he had any eyes he would see u made like 7 posts in last 2 days on ur acc + ocd + ocdb + ocd-wtiness making loads daily despite it doesnt work since 2 days.

that funny dude is so blind he just flags me without thinking :D

huuuduurrr kingsceown has 0.53c votes, then doesnt see 100s of USDs raped and even votes for it :D LOLOLOL where did he came from - planet of zero math?

u are right acidyo that due is blind and crazy!

normal people vote per post basis or so, hes just blind and in rage mode. so sad 2020 starts for him this way.

we should pray for god to give him some critical thinking not just be feed by others and play like a sockpuppet.

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@azircon so you are just a bully who tries to gangrape me not goes by any rules. u couldnt reply to questions based on numbers and logic only can flag and attack.

These are idiots who work against Steem and Steemit with a negative campaign. A lobby group that rewards only its players and takes down those old bloggers who don't kiss them.


Hey @dobartim, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Woohoo! Reward received. Thanks so much. :-)

enjoy man :)

..yesss, received reward, thank you very much..ya, things are going as they, happy as wishes for you, a great 2020!..steem on..

happy to you too

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