Twitter To Enter Decentralized Social Media ?

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Jack the CEO of Twitter was alway pro Bitcoin and lately i wrote that he will go away for some time to Africa probably to work on his blockchain startup -

Now we got more news.

Its interesting since we are on STEEM here and have "copies" (of course better) of Reddit, blogging, video sharing, youtube, twitter etc so i wonder if we couldnt get them interested in system that already works instead of them re-inventing it.

On the other hand it looks like they want to build from scratch and Twitter is not fully using its potential to make money imho, so maybe the TwitterCoin could be the stuff.


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imagine if Twitter gets into SMT's

This could be quite interesting as long as they option to us is use a system like steem that works or B build a new chain that works a lot like steem or C. Use ETH and that is just wrong if they do IMO

Some site has to use bitcoin as the currency, that's when I think it'll really take off. Maybe Jack with use bitcoin with his new project.

Yours site does use bitcoin as their currency

Twitter (via cashapp) already has a few ways to tip or transact with bitcoin, including just sending your wallet address via DM 🙂

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Jack loves BTC so i wouldnt be suprised if he builds on that

Jack knows what he’s doing, interesting times ahead for blockchain tech. Cheers !BEER

It works? :D

Interesting news @kingscrown
Thanks for sharing.

i wonder if we couldnt get them interested in system that already works instead of them re-inventing it.

Reality is that Steemit doesn't have great opinion outside STEEM blockchain community and I don't think many companies would look at this platform as an example to follow. It's enough to see how badly our userbase shrinked this year to came to conclusion that Steemit is dying, so it's not worth copying.

Yours, Piotr

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