Want to buy STEEM to support Network ?

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Right now witness voting is the biggest thing. I will copy paste the usual - if you are aware skip to next paragraph if not, read it.

To younger readers - witness voting has nothing to do with your money its about choosing right people to run the network. Since it needs constant verification and some skill to read up what's going on there is a proxy option. If you want me to be your witness proxy click this link - https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-proxy?proxy=kingscrown&approve=1

Or you can go to this page, browse to very bottom and put me there (remember as proxy not as witness vote): https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Now a lot of people buy STEEM and power up to support witnesses and network. I show here how you can semi-auto support network (power up steem, do power up posts, proxy votes - https://steemit.com/steem/@kingscrown/semi-manual-way-to-support-steem-blockchain)

Where to buy STEEM ?

Actually the answer is not as easy as it seems. Here is top10 exchanges.

From those only 2 (from my knowledge) will allow you to withdrawal - Bittrex and VCC. Binance and Huobi for now are stuck. HitBTC is stuck since 1-2 years and Probit/Upbit not sure.
So to support STEEM its suggested to use any of those two and power up.


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Crypto world changes so fast... after months of running good you should switch to Bittrex now again - https://steemit.com/steem/@kingscrown/trading-vcc-exchange-move-to-bittrex-asap

Agreed but why are the top witnesses powering down?

Most witnesses are always powering down to cover their server costs, because they're paid in Steem Power.

actually since we are in the "fight" where most people keep buying STEEM to secure network that is an interesting thing to notice.

Only issue I have is with this. And I fully support steem and love it is the fact we got so many OLD top 20 fully powering down. Maybe we need to vote some that aren't IMO

you are right, that part i dont understand and i wasnt aware (im type of guy who never looks to pocket of others)

Yeah, I mean powering down is a given to pay servers and make a bit but 100% power down seems crazy

@kingscrown, Great to see that you are continuously pushing this aspect. Hopefully it will encourage some Steemians to showcase their Support. Stay blessed.

What he said :-)

the old joke says "thats what she said" but doesnt fit here :)

im doing my best to help STEEM

Yeah I see. Thanks. I appreciate you



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