Win a share of 840 STEEM worth chests in TavernGames // Contest no 7

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Every year for last days between Xmas-New Year i try to help people fill their pockets in a fun way. Today is the 6th day where i give you a chance to win some money.

Previous contests you can still enter that are open:


Meet Tavern Games

Today i want you to meet a new amazing game that we have on STEEM since not long ago. You log in as usual with STEEM account and get some freebies for start.

The game is under address -

Shit its amazing with graphics, all working with STEEM blockchain and you can bet there coins and win them directly to your wallet. All bets are on blockchain. You are gonna love it, i tell you.

There are chests you buy with items inside that help you play the game. The game is simple hi-lo, nothing complex yet addictive and easy to make money off.. or loose some in fun way!



Join Contest to win 640 STEEM worth of Rewards!

We have amazing chest packages to give away for the people here.

1st : 325 STEEM
**2nd: **210 STEEM
3rd: 105 STEEM

1st place chest (worth 325 STEEM): 5.0x25, 2.0x50, 1.0x100 15x boost 5%, 10x boost 10%, 6x boost 20%, 5x double points boost,
(after using all coins they will get chest for rank 3 at the end of the season with content inside 0.1x20, 0.5x2, 1.0x1, 3x double points boost, 3x 10% boost)


2nd place chest (worth 210 STEEM): 5.0x15, 2.0x35, 1.0x65 10x boost 5%, 5x boost 10%, 3x boost 20%, 3x double points boost,
(after using all coins they will get chest for rank 3 at the end of the season with content inside 0.1x20, 0.5x2, 1.0x1, 3x double points boost, 3x 10% boost)

3th place chest (worth 105 STEEM): 5.0x8, 2.0x15, 1.0x35 5x boost 5%, 2x boost 10%, 1x boost 20%, 1x double points boost,
(after using all coins they will get chest for rank 4 at the end of the season with content inside 0.1x15, 0.5x1, 3x double points boost, 3x 10% boost)

Special places for people who were close or were funny but not good enough, up to 4 peopel to get them - 50 STEEM worth chests. 5.0x2, 2.0x10, 1.0x20, 2x boost 5%, 1x boost 10% (ranking rank 5 chest after season end: 0.1x5, 3x 5% bet boost and 1x double points boost)

To enter the contest

  1. Write a post/video/photo tutorial about why its good to have games on STEEM blockchain or write only about Tavern Games or use both the topics together.
  2. Use kings2019 as main tag
  3. Make account at and go into add kingscrown as referral
  4. Follow @kingscrown and @taverngames on Steemit
  5. Reply here with your post.

You have 7 days to enter the contest i will choose users based on the quality of their posts and my taste.


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Hi @kingscrown. I wrote a python script that analysed all the transactions from the first season of Tavern Games, and I published a post with several statistics from the game.

I want to submit it for your competition. Here is the link:

Perfect job!

My entry to this competition.

Signed up using kingscrown as my referral

Great job and have fun!

Thanks mate

I added you as my referral. Thanks for recommending the new game... somehow I missed their announcement :-)

thank you!

Signed up with taverngames, used your name as a referral. Following @kingscrown and @taverngames

Now on to the post! :-)


What a great post / contest and I also love the Tavern Games site 😍

Here is my post about it:

Thanks 😊

  ·  last year (edited)

I think I went a little off topic, but I hope it counts :)

I wrote a post

Main tag is kings2019

I used you as my referral

I follow both accounts mentioned

i replied here with my post :)

Good luck everyone else !

Good luck in the contest! Nice job!

it does count dont worry... im not a strict guy


Nice :D

sweet :)

After login in using Steemconnect , all i get is this ... refreshed numerous times and cleared cookies .. same results.

Chrome browser , Windows 10 pro


You haven't answered me, but I know what was the issue. You're using the browser with disabled WebGL option.
It's already fixed to use legacy canvas option.

Please feel free to try again the Tavern.

Seems weird. Please join our discord channel:
I'll try to help you
Or if you could paste what do you have in browser console: Ctrl + Shift + J

First time through your post i came to know about this game after post comments i am going to sign in 🏋

its very new!

I'm going to start writing my post now :) I entered you as my referral.

cant wait :)