Win Splinterlands Untamed Booster Packs // Contest no 6

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Every year for last days between Xmas-New Year i try to help people fill their pockets in a fun way. Today is the 6th day where i give you a chance to win some money.

Splinterlands/SteemMonsters Contest


If you are not aware SteemMonsters changed into Splinterlands. It's an amazing game that started on Steem blockchain. I know a lot of addicts who play it and hell, i even made a video last year when i was opening 100 crates. If you know how to find my youtube channel you can find it. The game now uses Tron and Steem blockchains for payments.

Now the game got even better and has loads of options.


Right now they have new packages to buy in pre-sale and we have a giveaway of those in contest.

Here is how to enter and Win Splinterlands Untamed Booster Packs

  • Write a post on Steemit about Splinterlands
    If you played the game, show a bit of what you have or how you play or write something.
    If its first time you hear about it, register there (just steemit account login) and write what did you find out or what you expect to see. REGISTER HERE
  • Use kings2019 as main tag
  • Reply to this post with a link to your article
    It can be any form, video, photo, text.

Duration - you have 7 days to make this posts and enter.

Winning i will choose winners based on the quality and fun of posts.
Top1 Winner - 20 packages
Top2 Winner - 15 packages
Top3 Winner - 10 packages
A consolation prize - 5 packages. Will be sent to someone who i will see really tried but made post so bad.. i will just give him this prize.

The tokens will be sent to your steem account on


Each pack contains 5 cards randomly selected from the UNTAMED set. Each pack is guaranteed to contain at least one card that is RARE or better!


You will need an account there to redeem the packages.

Few other still open contests from last days easy to enter:


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Hi! I wrote a post related to Splinterlands, I talk and discuss certain interesting points of the game and I share some strategies along with links to my best battles. I also propose something innovative to the game that is already being considered for the future! I hope you like it, and good luck to me, I'm going for those 20 packages hahaha <3

PD: it is in two languages, because I write for two communities in language. I hope it does not interfere in the contest with the quality of the post! Thanks :D
postada 1.JPG

Today I bought 4 untamed but there is no legendary epic and gold 😭

Check this website if anyone wants to test internet speed

What a great contest! An upvote from Steem Monsters is on the way!

Here is my post on my key strategies and list of cards:

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello ... hello...

I make a fanart and talk a little about TWISTED JESTER + Extra Bonus with a little story about it.

Greetings to all and good luck.

Estoy enamorado de este fanart tan tétrico <3

You got a groovy contest going on here I appreciate it!

I went on and done some writing for it.


I hope it is somewhat useful and interesting. :D

(Upvote gave!)


I started play at Splinterland yesterday.. for now I don't understand anything :(

who play HAY DAY ???

Nice! i recently became an SM addict so has my 7 year old son. Good way for him to learn economics and for us to have a common interest.

Play station lego batman didn't cut it for me :)

then you better enter and make him enter also ;)
my son is in mood for

no games yet ;)


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excellent opportunity

Awesome contest, thanks for hosting it.

I created an information post about the game. I did put #kings2019 as the first tag but the Steemleo interface in which I used to post the topic from put it in the second position for some reason.

Splinterlands Information: Past / Present & Future!

Oh my goodness, I am not good at these sorts of things at my age but here is mine:

Thanks for the contest, and have fun during the selection process!

Hi there my entry to splinterlands. I'd love to get some booster packs.. I really need them 😂😂😂😍

Here I am about 45 minutes to year 2020 trying my luck with this post:

📸 Just redeemed my card on Steemmonsters or should it be Splinterlands? | 刚在Steemmonsters兑换了张卡或者该是Spinterlands? 😎 (by @ace108)


Happy New Year to you.

good afternoon, here I share my post about this amazing game.

Sweet contest! I have resteemed the post as well, even though it's close to payout.

I wrote this post about opening 10 packs tonight, I was surprised about what I found in the packs! I spent all my last dec on the packs and potions, and I can use some more upgrades.

Link to my post

Have a great weekend!


Here's my entry, an ode to an addicthat keepson giving:

Cheers for the contest.