What's wrong with these attitudes?

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What's wrong to write blogs inside the korean platform, especially when they are related to art, food, health? @jaydih @jayplayco

Do i look to you like i would be someone who's posting fake things? Don't you see my #artworks?

This kind of attitudes take me to that point where i am starting to feel like, racism might turn into another current, and it ight come from another direction.

It looks like we pretend to be a community, when in fact, everything it's filled with hate ...

I've thought that i can post within the korean community, especially if i am writing them in your language ...

At this moment you can write in any language, especially if you're an artist that promotes only artworks ...

Don't bother to check out my art ...

Maybe this world it's invaded already with such a good amount of art ... like cover music, paintings and drawings of actors, characters, which i don't even know that someone is earning through their fame ... and so on ...

Congrats, if you think this will lead to a good path.


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hey, sorry to hear. I'm sure people have no offense to your artwork. it's just that Korean google translation really do not work well... actually, it's really awful and it often doesn't make any sense. that's the challenge of language barrier using google translate... i hope you understand people there.
And, perhaps if you can, please spare some of your generosity by understanding they are only doing it for good intension as the want to promote steemit to outside world. because the community wants more new joiners to on board, people there have been actually raising fund by the community support and we've been running radio ad campaigns and youtube ad campaigns and etc in Korea to expose steemit to increase potential new joiner here. i can imagine how much they are eager to show the nice and well managed image of steemit at any moment in front of potential new joiner. (I'm not saying your artwork doesn't meet the criteria but when you use google translate it turns out really awful.)
And, it's a Korean community with Korean language. sorry for that but i hope you understand..

I'm sure there are other communities which will love your art works.