Communities are finally here - Observations and...small glitches(?)

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Almost 3 years of waiting but we are finally there. In case you haven't noticed, since earlier today Communities have been officially released. Well Rome wasn't built in a day, that's for sure. And while equating Rome with the release of communities might seem an insanity, is it really?

As of now people have the option to choose a completely decentralized Community to interact from, have fun and earn tokens at the same time, all within a social media site / platform. Awesomeness. That's what it is.

So I was browsing through which by the way went under a serious face lift and looks way more attractive than it used to be, to see for myself all those little touches that will make everyone's journey a bit more pleasant.

Notifications eh...?

This was a must addition and should have been implemented since day one, but, oh well...better late than never. A quick observation about notifications. No matter how many times one may refresh their page, notifications will stay there, right above your avatar...unless they are marked as read. Then and only then the number of notifications will disappear.

And this is how it is displayed on when they are marked as read. As a custom Json.

2020-02-20 18_47_33-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

Another beautiful touch is that now a lot more info about one's account are displayed on top of the cover image, such as the amount of SP (which in my case is wrong as you can see in the screenshot below - something like 600 SP short) their overall rank on Steem according to their SP and how long ago someone was or still is active.

2020-02-20 18_46_17-mindtrap (@mindtrap) — Steemit.png

As I said...almost 600 SP short...bug maybe?

Along with the price charts, now people can also see the Trending Communities on the right hand side, while on the left hand side of the home page one can see their Community subscriptions, plus, their "feed page" if they wanna catch up the activity of the people they follow.

You can thank @quochuy for the redesigned comment section and the light contrast that makes it way more readable. Hats off mate.

Well, that's all I have discovered so far.

Oh one last thing. I've been browsing on from my mobile device all day long since I couldn't have access via my PC and guess what. It appears that "my friends" tab is missing...

The only option I had from mobile was "trending" "new" "payouts" and "muted" and the communities I was registered into....

As a matter of fact I thought that I had to be part of all the communities the people I follow are part of in order to track their posts...that was until I logged in via my desktop of course. So those of you who might browse using from their mobile devices...stay calm....I guess it will be fixed soon(?)

Anyway...that's all fellas.

Good to see all those little things we had been waiting for so long "unfold" right before our eyes...

And NO, Justin shouldn't take the credits just because Communities released after he purchased That's 2 - 3 years of hard work right congrats to team...

Have a great one!
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It's certainly great to see all these new features @mindtrap; nice to know that "promises" do eventually turn into reality!

In using the Steemit Beta site for a while, one of the things I am glad was added in the latest update was a feed of ALL my posts from different communities (under "posts"). It was frustrating to have to visit each community to look for specific posts from someone.


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was a feed of ALL my posts from different communities (under "posts")

True that. More than frustrating actually.

Thanks for this first-look at communities post! There are some glitches, but I hope that it will be solved in a short time...

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Hopefully more updates will arrive.

Thank you for featuring the post

It is a lot of progress especially for the first update. There will be other changes I am sure as more is uncovered.

Like was said, it is good that a promise does come to reality.

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What's 3 years compared to eternity eh? :)

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Awesome news, thanks for the info.! Upped and resteemed!👍✌❤
Edit I just checked my post on Steemit and I don't see any of this except for the avatar notifications!? And that each posting has some sort of green dots in the far right corners No idea what it means. But everything else is the same.

never mind its just showing now.

Nice job overall and it will do a good job at people finding their interest.

The feed, now my friends is missing yes ... I have noticed that .... you can use steempeak, or steemleo for example :)

Of course I can, I just wanted to spot if the mobile version is actually a duplicate...It wasn't

this part I don't see on my home page or anywhere;
"Along with the price charts, now people can also see the Trending Communities on the right hand side, while on the left hand side of the home page one can see their Community subscriptions, plus, their "feed page" if they wanna catch up the activity of the people they follow."

How's that possible? Hit the big Steemit logo and it will redirect you to the home page. All those info is there

Yes, I figured it out earlier, thank you! I just read the explanation wrong.

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I think you'll find that the SP figure is your SP minus any you've delegated out. Was a bit startling for me to look at mine and my dolphin level was showing like only half of my SP

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