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Hello everyone!

I hope that each and everyone of you is having a great weekend...indoors. For me weekends, and more specifically Sundays used to be...about relaxation friends and family. Not necessarily in that order...

There were always a few things that had to be done before I could finally have some free time for myself, such as taking the dogs out for their daily a few stuff from the super market etc and having a good fight with my girlfriend. Nothing really's just that...there was no Corona virus back in the day...and I wasn't a prisoner at my own house.


And...speaking of family...

Every Sunday I like to challenge myself...I try to not talk about Steem to my friends and also I try to not log in to Steemit I fail miserably in both...

But that doesn't mean that I can't read the crypto news, right? So I deactivate my add blocker,-otherwise I can't have access to specific sites- and trying to catch up with all the latest news regarding crypto. The funny thing is that all the ads that pop up are somewhere between the lines of:

John and Peter have invested in "this" and a couple of years later are enjoying their riches... or...

Don't miss the chance to buy "that" and you can be the next millionaire in no time...

Seriously now?

Is this how investing opportunities are being advertised these days?...I call it the brainwash effect. And every single one of them gives you the feeling that you will have massive 10x / 100x / 1000x

But nobody is ever talking about their huge investing failures...ever.

Not even millionaires....Especially them... Well, let me tell you about one of my failures.

Back in 2000 - 2001, a few years before we got punched in the face by the global financial crisis, everything seemed...perfect. Our stock-market climbed to 6.500 units (it is swinging between 800 - 1000) ever since then...Every single stock was skyrocketing. No shit.

Remember the bull run that took place at the end of 2017? Oh you do? Then you obviously remember that it didn't matter whether you were holding BTC or a sack full of shit, because both their prices were going up like crazy...And...surprise surprise! Just have a look at where we stand now. Why? Because it was fabricated and unsustainable.

That's exactly what happened to our stock market too. There was euphoria...Even our fucking government used to push people to buy any kind of stocks and to not miss that great chance...Banks used to call people and tell them that they could go and get an up to 5000 Euro investing loan using their ID only...Literally crazy stuff...

I was young...really young. I thought that if I was a bit lucky I could make my own future the way I wanted. As long as prices kept going up...So I bought some stocks too...Around 4000 Euro out of my own pocket...Well I still hold those stocks, but even if I decided to cash out, I am not really sure if I could buy five or six beers for my friends...

On second thought, almost all my investing decisions over the years were shit...I could say the very same thing about Steem as well, since my entry point was at 1.60$, but there is a huge difference compared to all the rest of my failures.

I am informed now. Back then I didn't know what I was doing...I guess I had that "get rich as fast as you can" mentality. I didn't come to Steem to get rich overnight...I would have chosen BTC instead. I may have found Steem by accident but it has been a "school" for me. -That's a fact-

I keep thinking that due to the progress and constant development of this chain it may turn out to be something really huge. It might take time, but I am not in a hurry now. Not anymore...

Stick around and we might have the chance to witness something remarkable in the future...

Or go away and run...and you shall never find out...

Showcase Sundays are a great way to revive some of your older posts either because you feel they were under-rewarded or simply because you enjoyed them back in the day.

Here for the long haul ya said? I knew it from the very first moment.

This is the link to the original post...just 189 days ago.

Have a great one!


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