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We are on the verge of confusion, every day people always question about how the future target is between Steem and Tron. Despite how new work or regulations will be built, we all hope for the best for Steemit Inc.

Today I look at the crypto market between Steem and Tron, the graph of both can still be said to be normal, there is no high movement there yet.

Today's Steem and Tron's progress report.

  • Steem

Steem has pretty good graphics, graph lines that go upwards, and currently still holds that position. The price of this Steem reaches a maximum of 0.00002700 Btc after being in the bottom line that is 0.00002224 Btc. This may be a chart that is still normal, and market activity is also still as usual.


  • Tron

Today and yesterday's Tron places positions that are not too different between the maximum position up and the position below. Had risen to reach the point 0.00000193 Btc from 0.00000182 Btc and returned to the position of 0.00000186 Btc. There has not been a high movement there, and also the market activity is still normal.


In this way we can still hope in the chart above to reach a higher position going forward, especially for Steem. Steemit people really hope that Steem can make a better strategy going forward, there is no word falling to the lowest position.

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