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Comparison between Steem and Tron Still fairly normal, there is no suspicious movement there. I also see that market activity is still as usual, even though we know that these days we have heard unpleasant news on this platform. There are some people who have a big influence here who have quit or submitted resignations. Why?

Maybe the current regulations are very different from the rules that they worked so hard to build. I don't blame anyone here, but I only see the reality now. Hopefully Steemit won't happen bad in the future.

  • Today's Steem Prices

After experiencing a decline in some time, Steem returned to normal for now. I think this is still normal, because we know the Crypto market as such.

grafikkk steem.png

  • Today's Tron Price

We know that Tron, which is now involved with the Steem, has an exchange rate that is still within reasonable limits. There is nothing amazing here, maybe in the future it will change.


With a graph like the one above, we can find out the movements of these two currencies, and are still at the normal limit.

I hope with this update you can find out, and if you are still curious about the market, please look for that market to be able to see it directly.

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