Cushy - A Social Discovery & Experience Sharing

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A Social Discovery & Experience Sharing



Hunter's comment

Hi Guys

Sharing this nice social media platform that is built to offer next-gen social media experience. try it out and a new of social media.

Cushy will help you to discover and explore experiences near you. It is an amazing hyper-local social discovery application like a scrapbook of memories around places, designed to superficially make far reaching changes in the way people explore places across the world.



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Verr Er y nice and good looking and of course very easy to use, thanks for sharing hunter

I like this app and will surely try to see how this new age social media work. Although it looks exciting.

Is Cushy -A Social Discovery & Experience Sharing App a Tinder inspired hyper-local & social media sharing platform? @alokkumar121
Interesting Hunt.
Thank you! 🙏

Its kind of but a great one. Thanks.

You’re welcome. @alokkumar121


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