Ezo - Online invoice and inventory

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Online invoice and inventory



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EZO Software is an Invoice Maker that helps to send Invoice, Billing, Estimate, Proforma Invoice by Whatsapp. EZO is a very useful Invoicing software for small shopkeepers, retailers, and suppliers.




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It's a good one.for startups and ethey can get things done for fre

Ezo is nice tool for Easy accounting. Thanks for sharing

Ia there a feature to share the invoice copy in PDF or Image format once it is generated. Because as a bill is generated I see only option is a message with total amount of the bill. Whereas the whole bill shared would be better for records too. Once this feature is added it deserves a 5star rating

This can be useful to keep records of our business transaction

This is useful if you are in one of the creative fields where everyone uses WhatsApp. Most normal customers would prefer to get their invoices by email instead though.

application that is perfect for entrepreneurs everything needed is here.thank you for sharing the information @alokkumar121

Very nice to know about Ezo, hope people will get benefit from this software, thanks for information.


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