ScamAlert - First line of defense in fighting crypto crime, scams, ponzi

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First line of defense in fighting crypto crime, scams, ponzi



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We doe see those crypto doubling giveaway, ponzi, HYIp on everywhere and many have fall prey to them and their hard earn money gone.
SCAMALERT is a platform that let you check wallet address and website to know if the giveaway a legit.
with it you can easily uncover scams such as sextortion, fake exchange giveaway, ponzi, those operating in telegram with Celebrities names and other


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I love this, many scammers are now even on telegram promising you free coins at the end it will be difficult for you to withdraw such coins. This platform should help.

Scam is gradually increasing day by day. And we must fight back. Thank you for sharing this.

This seems very helpful to fight scam in cryptocurrency world.

This is a brilliant idea and this site needs more publicity. It's not just scam websites, but ponzi pump and dump schemes run via telegram that exist to persuade people to buy what the scammers are dumping.

You don't have to fall for every giveaway. Most of them are scams nowadays.
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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