Decathlon Coach - training and fitness app

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Decathlon Coach

training and fitness app


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¨Decathlon¨¨Coach¨ It is an application designed for training and fitness

The app is programmed for multiple sports, you just have to connect, choose the sport you want to train ¨Decathlon¨¨Coach¨ will do the rest

You can opt for already established exercises, or those that fit your needs, follow the instructions of the physical trainer and draw conclusions from the results of your exercises.



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A great coaching app for those who are more interested in fitness. The app will provide some free sessions of coaching which includes running, waking, hiking and many more. You can always get the full coaching sessions by paying a little amount but it is worthy.

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Is this available in our country which is philippines? I really need a coach for my fitness because as of today, my weight is increasing as the days passed by.

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This app can get you in shape fast great hunt

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